Care & Maintenance

Pinnacle Decorative Laminates are durable, abrasion and impact resistant. Minimal maintenance is required under normal use. However, proper care extends the lifespan of the laminates.

Do not use any objects to chop, hammer or slice directly onto the surface. Knives and other sharp objects may cut or scratch the surface.

Do not expose hot cookware directly on the surface as well as prevent heat exposure of more than 140°F (60°C), which may cause delamination of surface from original substrate.

Steel wool and other abrasive pads will damage Pinnacle Decorative Laminates. It’s advisable to not use or store steel wool on laminates to prevent the risk of scratching and potential rusting - leaving stains.

In most instances, cleaning can be accomplished by use of a natural detergent or household cleaner. Recommended detergents and household cleaners include:

  • Mr. Clean®
  • Lysol®
  • Fantastik®
  • Formula 409®
  • Simple Green®
  • Isopropyl Alcohol, IPA, rubbing alcohol


Difficult stains may require the use of a soft nylon scrubbing pad. Scrub in a circular motion until the stain is removed. If the stain persists, use of a baking soda + water paste can be used carefully and moderately. In some instances, acetone (nail polish remover), denatured alcohol or undiluted household bleach can also be used.

Any stain, as well as cleanser, must be wiped immediately and should not be allowed to rest for more than two minutes. It’s also recommended to wipe the surface down with a damp cloth and warm water then wipe dry after using any sort of disinfecting products, or items used for difficult stains.

Never use acid, alkaline, iodine, hair dye, hair tonic, etc. on Pinnacle Decorative Laminates - as it may cause discoloration and deterioration of the surface.

Do not use any of the above mentioned products on gloss surface laminates.

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