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Pinnacle Decorative Laminates is a US based supplier of decorative laminate products produced by Crown Decor. With distribution centers in the Midwest and Southeast, our customers benefit from multiple inventories, faster delivery and lower shipping costs. Our team is committed to offering best-in-class service and strive to help our customers be successful.

Our decorative laminate products are used to build commercial, residential and institutional cabinets, closets, counter tops, doors, table tops, wall paneling, fixtures, partitions, desks, casework and more.


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Crown Decor, a Royale Touche Laminate group company, is a niche luxury laminate brand from India and was launched in 1978 with the idea that a laminate has unlimited potential in surface décor. Crown made people look at laminates as a resilient and flexible product. Crown gave laminates a complete makeover with unparalleled, endless designs and textures. The product has a rich luxurious feel that adds aesthetic value to interiors that makes architect, end users and interior designer's life easy.

Crown Decor's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, with a production capacity of over 6 million sheets per year, implements exacting standards and creates first rate products, coupled with our company owned warehouse, ensures that Pinnacle Decorative Laminates and their end clientele get exactly what they desire, when they need it.

Crown Decor also produces Compact Laminates in interior and exterior grade. Interior grade laminates are used for Toilet Cubicles & Partitions, Lockers, Wall Paneling etc., Exterior Grade Laminates are used for Building Façade/Cladding, Balconies, Verandas, Fences, Outdoor Benches, Table Tops etc. Also in the production range are anti skid/ anti slippery surface laminates suitable for deck and outdoor flooring application.

Crown has completed several projects worldwide. In addition they also make Chemical Resistant Laboratory Grade Compact Laminates suitable for manufacture of Lab Furniture.

- 30 million sq. yds. produced               - 8 production lines in 3 countries               - 40+ years experience               - Global quality certifications

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