5 ideas to step up your interior design game

Laminate is an affordable, stylish and durable surface that can be used for a variety of applications. Commonly people think of laminate flooring or a laminate countertop - which are definitely popular ways to use laminate. But the possibilities are really endless and are a great alternative to get a specific look without breaking the bank!

Check out 5 ideas to improve your interior design game below:

1. Use decorative laminate to make an armoire, etc. a statement piece. Adding a pop of color and flare to a bedroom.
Shown: T 215 SF - Watermelon Pink.
2. Use decorative laminate on kitchen cabinets to add a modern, luxurious feel. Get the look you desire with a variety of finishes and styles.
Shown: C 654 MR - Vento Marble.
3. Impress guests by using decorative laminate to create an accent wall in a living room or add a calming, spa-like feel to your bedroom.
Shown: T 1682 MO - Ruddy Oak.
4. Bring your style to an office or home office. Have a favorite color or tired of the same old styles? Mix it up with decorative laminate. Feeling handy? Resurfacing is easier than you think!
Shown: T 114 SF - Lapis Blue.
5. Wow friends and family with a one-of-a-kind dining room table. Decorative laminate is a great alternative to real wood with laminate's increased durability.
Shown: T 7031 HD (special order).

What are ways you've used decorative laminate to improve the look of your interior? Share below!

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